Terms & Conditions


1. Introduction

www.minya.gr is an online store selling electronic accessories and gadgets via the internet, based in Thessaloniki, in Eleftheriou Venizelou Street 80 Ampelokipoi, Tel. 2310742089. The aforementioned company represents the remote seller to the consumer, within the meaning of the applicable legislation.

2. Scope

The following terms and conditions will be applied for the use of the shop under the brand MINYA, which is found online at www.minya.gr and it belongs to the above individual business. Any user that enters and uses the services of the shop is deemed to consent and unconditionally accept the following conditions, without exception.

Therefore, the visitor / user must read these terms carefully before using the services of the website and if they do not agree, should not make use of the services and their content. The user is advised to check the content of terms and conditions of use for changes.

3. Modification of terms and conditions of use of the online store

The company reserves the right to unilaterally amend or revise freely the terms and conditions of use of the online store and its carried through it transactions, whenever it deems it necessary and undertakes the obligation to notify users of any changes, through the pages of this online store.

4. Copyright - Intellectual property

This website is the official online store of the company. The website itself as well as all the products of intellectual and industrial property, including, indicatively, their trade names, trademarks, images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts etc. constitute the intellectual property of the company and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European law and the international conventions. Each text or image is used herein with permission of their respective owner. Their appearance on the website should in no way be considered as a transfer or cession of authorization, or right to use them. As for the protection of your intellectual data, we request you select the special unit in the category “Information” called “Privacy Policy”.

5. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms & Conditions of Use of the online store and the transactional relationship between the company and its users / customers in general, are conditioned by the Greek law, while the Courts of Thessaloniki have exclusive jurisdiction and competence for resolving any disputes defined.

6. General information and Products information provided

The company is committed to the quality, completeness and accuracy of the information listed on its website, both in terms of the identity of the enterprise and of the operated through the online store, transactions. Given the nature of transactions through the online store (minimum necessary system update time, any website downtime, increased demand which affects availability, etc.), the company will make every effort to immediately update the system in case of any change or alteration of the information provided.

In any case of trouble or clarifications, please contact our customer service department on the telephone 2310742089, or via email at info@minya.gr.

7. Contracting of sales convention remotely

The orders made through the online store are distance selling contracts, which are governed by the legislative framework of the Law 2251/1994 (as is currently applicable) and the modifications that are reported in the Presidential Decree 131/2003 (Official Gazette A 116 / 16.05. 2003).

The user has the right to contract a valid order via the online store, if they are contractual capable of observing the provisions of the Greek Civil Code (provided that has completed the eighteenth year of age and is not subjected to juridicial support towards the completion of a sales contract). Orders can also be made by legal representatives of legal persons.).

8. Payment Methods

Payment of purchases from the online store Minya.gr may be performed solely by the following payment methods:

(1) Cash on Delivery. Pay in cash at the time of delivery at the address you have declared.

(2) Credit / Debit Card (via the secure payment service of Piraeus Bank).

(3) PayPal.

(4) Wire Transfer.

9. Shipping Methods

(a) For shipments within Greece the shipping cost is 4.90 Euros by courier (ELTA Door to Door).

(b) For shipments abroad the shipping cost is 19 euros.

The receipt of the products available in GREECE will be in 1-3 working days (excluding force majeure conditions).

For any further clarifications regarding the payment and shipping methods, users can contact the company on the telephone 2310742089, or via email at info@minya.gr.

10. Retention of Title

The ownership of the sold and delivered products remains in the company, until the full and complete payment of their total price by the customer.

11. Unjustified Withdrawal of Consumer (Article 4 § 10 n. 2251/1994, combined with CMD Z1-891 / 2013)

The user / customer (natural person) that remotely purchases products from the online store of the company solely for private use and not in the frame of his professional activity, is entitled to withdraw, without giving any reason, from the remote purchase of a product, within the exclusive deadline of fourteen (14) calendar days from the delivery date of the physical possession of the product to himself, by returning the product in its original condition.

The consumer's withdrawal is unjustified, without the consumer being obliged to invoke reasons to justify the withdrawal and without any expense to the consumer, excluding the expense for the return costs of the product and any diminished value of the product at the specifically reported cases listed below.

The unjustified withdrawal of the consumer from the distance selling is performed by any appropriate means (via telephone or email) and means chosen by them which, however, bears the burden of exercising it timely (within the exclusive deadline of 14 calendar days from the acquisition of the physical possession of the product as described above).

Following the above exercise of his right to withdraw without justification, and within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of exercising the right of withdrawal, the consumer must return the purchased product, while being charged with the shipping costs.

Please note that the risk of loss, damage or destruction of the product remains with the consumer until the receipt of the product by the company.

The company must, within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of becoming aware of the valid exercise of the right of withdrawal by the consumer, reimburse him in full the total product purchase price, using the same means of payment used by the consumer to pay the purchase price (unless the consumer agrees otherwise). However, the company is entitled to withhold the price until receiving of the product, or until the consumer sends proof that delivered the product to return.

The company is not obliged to refund the consumer part or the whole purchase price of the returned, upon unjustified product withdrawal where there is impairment in value of the product, due to the use of the product by the consumer with inappropriateness way, i.e. in a manner that falls outside the normal examination of the product to establish the nature, the characteristics and its function, as would occur in a physical store. In this case, the consumer is liable for the impairment in value of the product due to improper use. The company explicitly reserves the right to check the returned product after receiving it and to withhold all or part of the price, depending on the impaired value of consumer liability for improper use.

Exceptionally, the right of unjustified withdrawal of the consumer from the contract of distance selling is not applicable and the consumer cannot return the purchased product without any penalty, in the following cases:

(a) In cases where the products are used, and their use clearly falls outside the framework of the usual examination of the product to determine the nature, the characteristics and its function, as would take place in a physical store, rendering the product used. Indicatively, usage of electrical device constitutes the installation, the operating, the registration of the product, the placement of components on the product, etc. and

(b) In cases where material of audio or image or software were unsealed by the packaging.

In all of the above cases, as in any case, the consumer fully maintains the general right to withdraw from the product sale and return contract, due to legal or factual deficiencies, or lack of guaranteed qualities that finds after receiving and using it, in accordance with the general provisions of Articles 540 and following of the Civil Code, Article 5 of Law. 2251/1994 and other consumer protection provisions and the buyer in general.

12. Order Cancellation

For any order cancellation you must send an e-mail to info@minya.gr, or follow the automated process in Section "Order Cancellation".

The possibility of cancellation is offered to you up to the moment we will notify you about the shipment of your order. After that point you cannot cancel.

13. Liability of supplier. Seller Liability for defects

The manufacturer of each product that you purchase is liable for any damage caused by a defect in his product. Any agreement limiting or exempting the manufacturer from his liability is void.

Our company provides to you all the obligations provided in the Civil Code for the seller. Especially in case of a defect of the product we are selling you, you can (a) request repair without your burden or its replacement with another, unless this is impossible or requires disproportionate costs, (b) ask for a price reduction and (c) withdraw unless it is insubstantial actual defect.

The aforementioned obligations do not exist in case the defect is caused by you, or in the narrow or broad sense of force majeure. In any case, the products must be accompanied by all the necessary documentation and receipts. These obligations are in each case barred within two years.

14. Warranty

The products purchased from our online store are always accompanied by a written sales receipt or invoice, which also serves as their warranty and have (1) year duration.

Our company will provide you every assistance for meeting the terms of the guarantee, without your burden, with the necessary prerequisite of presenting the legitimate sales receipt of the product. This, regardless of the maintenance services out of warranty that we can, where appropriate, provide you with, comes with the applicable charges.